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Those suffering from sinus pain and congestion may feel a great deal of discomfort and irritation.

However, there are ways to find relief. So, what to do for sinus pressure? By identifying the type of sinus pain, area of pain, and why you feel the pain will help determine what to do.

What Causes Sinus Pressure and Pain

Before asking what sinus pressure feels like, you must know how it occurs. Sinuses are spaces filled with air that are linked to your nasal passages. Their primary function is to help moisten the air as you breathe in, producing mucus. The work of the mucus is to trap any foreign particles and prevent bacterial infections. When the nasal membranes and passages become irritated, mucus builds up.

This buildup of mucus leads to inflammation, causing pressure and pain in your sinuses. The pressure can affect your nerve endings, causing throbbing problems and even headaches. There are common factors that can lead to irritation in the nasal area, including:

  • Environmental factors
  • Common cold
  • A sinus infection

Different types of sinus problems can cause sinus pressure. Visiting a doctor can help you identify which type you are experiencing and the best form of treatment. The following are the types of sinuses:

Frontal – A frontal sinus will lead to pain mainly in the forehead and also cause headaches.

Ethmoid – The sinus that causes pain around the nose and between the eyes.

Maxillary – Sinuses that affect areas on the cheeks and upper jaw.

Sphenoid – These sinuses can cause pain in the rear side of the head or behind the eyes.

So, what to do for sinus pressure? Once you experience sinus pressure, there are specific home remedies that you can rely on, such as applying an ice mask, gently massaging your neck, over the counter pain relievers, and many more. When your sinus problems persist or become quite severe, it is best to consult your doctor for further treatment. You can schedule an appointment at Sinus Solutions and Dr. Kwiatkiwski will see you within 72 hours,

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