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Sinus Headache

Sinus Headache

Sinus headache is the headache that is caused by an infection of the sinuses (sinusitis).  It is throbbing, aching, pressure on the eyes, cheeks, forehead that causes extreme discomfort. It is, however, so similar to migraines and in most cases, migraine is often diagnosed as sinus headache (90% of the time).


The symptom of sinus headache include pain in the cheeks, between the eye, and forehead that worsens when one is bending down, fatigue, pain in cold weather when one is bending down, fatigue, pain in the cold weather that comes in the morning and leave by evening, pain over the upper teeth and nasal obstruction.

These symptoms are quite similar to that of migraine. Migraines are, however, associated with nausea, worsened by intense light or sound, unlike sinus headaches. Sinus headache is a very rare condition, unlike migraine which is common. It last longer (for days) while migraine and tension headache last for some few hours.

Sinus headache is caused by an obstruction in the sinus (the connection of hollow cavities in the skull. This obstruction usually starts with an allergy or an infection. The best way to treat sinus headache is firstly to know the underlying causes of the condition either it is an allergy or an injection. This is done by seeing a physician for proper diagnosis i.e. an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) specialist. Sinus headache is also called “Rhinosinusutus”

Risk Factors

A sinus headache can happen to anyone but people who have a family history or previous history of headache are more susceptible to sinus headaches.


Avoid substances  (either foods or odor) that trigger headache in the past, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, reduce the certain medication that triggers or worsening the headache. Home remedies include irrigating the nose and breathing in humidified air by the use of sterile saline.