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Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is now the choice of many people who suffer severe or chronic sinusitis that has not responded to other therapies, such as oral or nasal corticosteroids, antibiotics, or rinses.

When you visit Dr. Kwiatkowski in Las Vegas, he dilates the opening of three nasal sinuses. This will help them to be drained and cleared. Many people suffer problems that cause the sinus membranes to get inflamed and prevent mucus, discharge, or pus drainage. This leads to congestion.

As time passes, the inflamed and blocked nasal passage may prevent breathing and can cause problems such as insomnia, jaw ache, or headaches.

The balloon sinuplasty procedure helps Dr. Kwiatkowski in Las Vegas to widen the blocked nasal passages and flush out or remove the congestion by just using a saline solution.

What are the side effects?

Almost all adults who had balloon sinuplasty reported that their symptoms improved within the first few days after the procedure and they did not suffer many side effects. People who went through the surgery reported a clear and open nasal passage compared to before the surgery. The procedure has helped to preserve healthy nasal tissues, the structure of the nose, and mucous membranes.

Is it safe?

Compared to other procedures, balloon sinuplasty is an effective and safe procedure as long as it is performed by a qualified doctor. The procedure was introduced in 2000 and it is now a commonly performed surgery when it comes to sinuses. The procedure is known to have a high success rate with few complications.

When compared to a normal endoscopic procedure, balloon sinuplasty has the following Benefits:

  • It has a low incidence of bleeding
  • It requires a short period to stay in the hospital or clinic with little downtime
  • There have been fewer post-operative appointments.

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