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Nasal Obstruction

Nasal Obstruction

Nasal Obstruction is the blockage of the nasal cavity and is caused by a number of problems. It is characterized by an insufficient airflow through the nose.

Due to the wide range of causes, it is often difficult to quantify nasal obstruction based on symptoms or tests alone but a combination of these two is used to identify the underlying cause.


There are several causes of nasal obstruction which include:-

Inferior turbinate hypertrophy: Turbinates are bony structures inside the nose they are lined by a mucosa lining in the nose. They are highly susceptible to allergies and dust particles.

Deviated septum: This is a structural problem in the nose whereby the septum is aligned towards one side. It can cause running nose and difficulty in breathing on one side of the nose large adenoids also block the nose. Swelling of the mucosa lining of the nose as a result of allergens can also cause nasal obstruction.


It is diagnosed by a doctor through a physical examination of the nose. Medical history of the patient may also be needed. The patient may have to go through some imaging tests such as CT scans and MRI scans if necessary.


Nasal obstruction is usually treated with medications in acute cases where the underlying causes are an allergy or some other reversible causes such as common cold or flu. Nasal steroid sprays may also be used as prescribed by the doctor to reduce the swelling in the nose. In chronic cases, surgery may be required if there are no improvements from medications. Surgery may involve removed of large adenoids in the nose. This is called adenoidectomy and it is outpatient surgery.