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Dr. Kwiatkowski trained at the University of Pennsylvania during his residency under Dr. David Kennedy, M.D. – often considered the ‘Father of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery’ in the United States, and Dr. Donald Lanza, M.D. – Dr. Kennedy’s first Fellow. Between the two, they have trained current Rhinology department and division leaders at academic institutions such as Stanford, UCLA, UCSF, University of Utah, University of Arizona, Johns Hopkins, University of North Carolina, and Mayo Clinic, as well as many others. Dr. Kwiatkowski has wholly experienced, proudly maintained and gently carried forward this outstanding training into his private practice. He simultaneously cherishes and respects the legacy of his experience and history at Penn, and will always strive to honor it. Through the ongoing pursuit of continuing medical education, adaptation, and mastery of new technology, innovation and creative problem solving, while at all times maintaining a foundation of humble resolve and concern for the suffering – this is how Dr. Kwiatkowski prepares himself to take care of patients and to be your doctor.
Dr. Kwiatkowski has performed hundreds of balloon sinuplasty procedures in both awake and asleep patients, and in both adults and children. He has utilized this technology with success in some of the worst sinus disease imaginable, and in minimal but persistent disease. He has utilized it effectively in previously scarred sinuses, sinus headache patients, and patients suffering from recurrent sinusitis and sinus headache who have CT scans that are read by a radiologist as being clear.  He has utilized sinus stenting technology with a very high percentage of disease control and symptom improvement, and is one of the first surgeons in the area to introduce and utilize the new Propel drug eluding sinus stents, which not only serve to mechanically keep difficult sinuses open, but also disperse local medicine (typically a steroid) to help shrink polyps and control local inflammation directly within the sinus before they get absorbed or removed. Dr. Kwiatkowski continues to expand the indications for use of this minimally invasive surgical technology as both personal outcomes data and experience along with peer-reviewed scientific studies confirm its efficacy.
You may…or you may not. Either way, Dr. Kwiatkowski is well prepared to definitively assess and appropriately manage your sinus problem, and to skillfully address nearly all sinus-related surgical conditions. More importantly, he will be honest and forthcoming when a patient’s problem is one that is best served NOT by him, but by one of his colleagues in quaternary care or university setting, such as the institutions previously mentioned.
ABSOLUTELY not. Dr. Kwiatkowski truly considers it to be the ultimate privilege and honor to help patients with their individual problems no matter how large or how small. If it is a problem for you, the patient, it is a problem that would be my honor to attempt to solve. If it is a problem that I can solve easily, good for both of us! If it is a problem that I cannot solve, I will be honest about that as well, and will do my best to find you appropriate care.
Absolutely. Dr. Kwiatkowski has a rare comfort level with recurrent or persistent sinus disease. Having been trained at the University of Pennsylvania, which is an institution that routinely received referrals from around the world for patients with sinus disease that was ineffectively treated by multiple previous surgeries, Dr. Kwiatkowski not only has extensive experience in seeing and treating the worst of the worst, he personally collaborates with the chiefs of Rhinology at many of the regions top university hospitals, including Stanford, UCLA, UCSF, University of Utah, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, University of Arizona, etc., because each of these individual leaders were either University of Pennsylvania Rhinology Fellows or were trained by these fellows, each of whom are literally the leaders of cutting edge sinus treatment both nationally and internationally. Dr. Kwiatkowski brings this knowledge, training, and experience to his Las Vegas patients within a local center of excellence. and is ever mindful to refer appropriate cases to his esteemed colleagues at these nearby university centers of international excellence.
Usually not. In fact, most cases of “sinus problems” that patients have are actually problems with rhinitis or nasal obstruction and have little or nothing to do with the actual sinuses. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms that are bothersome to you which occur continuously or on a regular basis, it is certainly prudent to seek consultation so that the true nature of your problem can be fully elucidated by a thorough history and physical examination. It is also possible that a complete evaluation will include a CT scan of the sinuses, in order to effectively screen for a chronic disease that cannot be appreciated on physical examination. Part of your evaluation may also include office nasal endoscopy which gives a more comprehensive picture of your individual presenting problem or problems.
That depends upon several factors including but not limited to the type of procedure performed, the true extent of your disease, your underlying health conditions, and multiple other factors. Generally, procedures performed in the office such as office balloon sinuplasty require essentially no loss of work and a return to normal activities on the day following your procedure. In contrast, traditional sinus surgery can necessitate from 1-3 weeks downtime and absence from work.
Dr. Kwiatkowski gives consideration to balloon sinuplasty in every patient because it is clearly the least invasive way to potentially improve patients’ quality of life. However, not every patient is an appropriate candidate for balloon sinuplasty as a single form of treatment. Dr. Kwiatkowski looks at each patient’s sinus problem individually and creates an appropriate treatment plan based upon patient history, findings on physical examination, and appropriate radiologic studies (typically CT scan of the paranasal sinuses). Treatment options are discussed in detail, and become a mutual decision between doctor and patient based upon risks, benefits, and alternatives available. All treatment plans are discussed in as much (or as little) detail as needed based upon the individual patient’s comfort level.
Yes. There are several skilled ENT physicians in the Las Vegas area that can adequately perform this procedure. Without question, deciding upon surgery in any form is a very important decision for both patient and surgeon alike. An appropriate doctor-patient relationship is a vital component of any sound surgical decision-making. To that end, Dr. Kwiatkowski always welcomes a second opinion. If after seeing Dr. Kwiatkowski in consultation a patient is not comfortable with his or her assessment and plan for whatever reason, Dr. Kwiatkowski encourages his patients to seek consultation from another skilled surgeon. On the other side of the coin, Dr. Kwiatkowski is happy to provide consultations as a second opinion when asked. As a surgeon who has been actively and proficiently utilizing balloon technology for almost five years, and who is certified to do so in all its forms, Dr. Kwiatkowski is happy to be a part of your healthcare decision.  As the Medical Director of the Minimally Invasive Sinus Program at Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s Hospitals, Dr. Kwiatkowski sees an opportunity to effectively educate the public about this and other exciting tools and treatment modalities as they become available, and define their appropriate role in the bigger picture of comprehensive sinus care.