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ClariFix Cryotherapy

ClariFix Cryotherapy

Chronic rhinitis is an illness that causes hours of discomfort. Whether it’s brought on from an allergic trigger, stress or a medical condition, it isn’t helping people feel great about waking up and getting on with their lives as efficiently as they’d like. Do you need help with chronic rhinitis? Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to turn?
Dr. Kwiatkowski at Sinus Solutions is one of a kind and the only surgeon in Las Vegas to offer ClariFix cryotherapy to all clients with chronic rhinitis. The procedure helps to remove blockages and enlarge the openings of sinus drainage. It’s special because it is the only FDA-cleared treatment known to clear rhinitis without side effects, having to go for repeat procedures resulting in more of a costly burden.
Have you ever thought about living a life without those sniffles? Without the constant worry about if your rhinitis is going to flare up at the most unexpected and inconvenient of times? Get an appointment at Sinus Solution within seventy-two hours - from sniffles to sneezes or dripping noses to congestion, ClariFix cryotherapy with Dr. Kwiatkowski will help you breathe again.

Do you want to know a bit more about Dr. Kwiatkowski?

He is a board-certified otorhinolaryngologist (head & neck surgeon) and a highly experienced Rhinologist and Sinus Surgeon. He’s located at Durango Medical Center in Las Vegas and thrives in the fact that he wants to help people like you have a much easier, healthier and happier life.