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Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure in Las Vegas

Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is an office-based non-invasive sinus treatment that allows patients to recover and quickly go back to their normal day-to-day lives within one or two days. Many patients return to work the next day. Medicare and most private medical insurance companies pay for balloon sinuplasty as an alternative to surgeries.

If you have been struggling with sinus problems, you might be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty. This is how the process works:

Step One: Doctor’s consultation

Your sinus doctor will help you prepare for the balloon sinuplasty procedure to achieve the very best outcome. Choose the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) medical doctor in your area specializing in treating sinus issues. Dr. Terrance Kwiatkowski from Sinus Solutions is a board-certified and fellowship-trained ENT surgeon, who spent decades of practice providing his patients with sinus relief and performing hundreds of balloon sinuplasty procedures every year. Make an appointment to see the doctor in his Las Vegas office without delay: there is no need to keep suffering from pain and discomfort. Most appointments are made within 48 hours.

Step Two: CAT scan

After the complete ENT exam, Dr. Kwiatkowski will order a diagnostic scan of your sinuses with a CAT scan to make sure you are a balloon sinuplasty candidate. For the patients’ convenience, the state-of-the-art Sinus Solutions office is equipped with the CAT scan machine, so there is no need to go elsewhere for the testing. It will be done right on the spot, with the results examined and documented immediately.

Step Three: Procedure

A balloon sinuplasty is a fast, comfortable and effective procedure done right at the doctor’s office with a local topical anesthesia keeping the patient awake at all times. Once the anesthetic is in effect, a thin plastic tube is inserted into the nose. The tube is flexible, allowing the doctor to move it through the nasal passages. The light and tiny camera on the end of the tube guide the doctor to see progress on a screen. Once the problematic area has been identified, the doctor moves a small balloon catheter over the guiding wire, slowly inflating it once it is in place restoring drainage. Nasal cavities are flushed with saline solution afterwards to remove any dislodged debris. Typically, the whole procedure lasts about one hour. In most cases the relief is instant.

Step Four: Follow-up

The doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to ensure that you have fully recovered from the balloon sinuplasty procedure. The appointment is usually one to two weeks after your sinus treatment.