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Best Balloon Sinuplasty in Las Vegas

Suffering from severe sinusitis? Well, you should not worry anymore since you can be scheduled for the best Balloon Sinuplasty Las Vegas here at Sinus Solutions for extremely cost-effective rates. Balloon Sinuplasty is the most recommended treatment process for both mild and chronic sinusitis. This surgical treatment does entail less time-consuming processes.

Balloon Sinuplasty Vegas is a minimally endoscopic surgical treatment conducted by an otolaryngologist. The process involves the utilization of an inflated balloon catheter so as to drain large sinusitis.

During the treatment, local anesthesia will be applied to the surgical site. The aim of the anesthesia is to numb the area so that you will not experience any discomforting pain. Consecutively, a limber thin wire which has a torch on the tip is then inserted into your nostrils. The torch provides light for ease of visibility and the ability to locate the guide wire position.

Afterward, an inflated balloon catheter is then inserted within the nostrils. This facilitates the opening of sinus blockages. Conversely, the ordinary sinus drainage will also be taking place. After a successful surgery, the balloon is deflated and removed. In the end, the sinus will be left open for the restructuring of the nasal bones. Saline nasal rinsing will then be performed.

After treatment, you will be prone to risk factors such as mild sinus pain and lessened blood discharge. To relieve the pain and hamper blood discharge, Dr. Kwiatkowski will recommend acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medications respectively.

About Dr. Kwiatkowski

Dr. Kwiatkowski is a licensed otolaryngologist based in Las Vegas, USA. The surgeon possesses all the credible certifications for a successful Balloon Sinuplasty Las Vegas. The doctor is famously known for his invaluable solutions to individuals suffering from sinusitis. He graduated from the best medical institutions, and since then he has been able to offer effective treatment procedures to persons experiencing nasal cavities downsides.

If you are prone to sinuses troubles, why don’t you contact or visit us here at Sinus Solutions, Las Vegas? For a lifetime solution that runs at incredibly affordable rates, then Dr. Kwiatkowski is the ideal surgeon you need to meet.