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Bad Smell in Nose

Bad Smell in Nose

Some people have the problem of fouls smell in the nose which can be quite embarrassing to share. It is characterized by a rotten flesh like smell coming from the nose. The smell may be accompanied by pressure above the temple or ear area on the left side. Nasal sprays & over-the-counter drugs may have little and no lasting effect on bad smell in the nose. The bad smell in the nose is different from occasionally smelling bad smell due to an offensive odor from the surrounding. This condition means the odor is emanating from the nose itself. This is caused by a variety of things which include foreign objects in the nose such as food particles which can obstruct the airflow in the nose leading to bad odor. Food may be in the nasal cavity during vomiting and can decay to give offensive odor. This can be pulled out using a pair of tweezers or by closing the nostrils unaffected and gently blowing out air through the blocked nostril.

Snoring can also cause bad odor in the nose as a result of the loss of moisture from the mouth. It interferes with the ability of the mouth to clean itself using saliva, thereby leading to a conducive environment to breed bacteria. Bacterial infection may then cause a bad smell in the nose. This can be prevented by clearing the nasal passages before going to bed and keeping the act humidified always. Postnasal drip can cause a bad smell in the nose. This is a discharge from inside the nose and if it gets into the mouth, bacterial will act on it thereby causing the bad smell in the nose. Decongestants may be used to treat post nasal drips. Antibiotics and nasal sprays are also used.

Other causes include sinusitis, polyps, diseases such as atrophic rhinitis, rhinoscleroma, adenoiditis.

Diagnosis and Treatment 

Bad smell in the nose is treated according to the underlying cause. If the bad smell in the nose persists for more than a week without any external influence, the person needs to make an appointment with the doctor.