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    Sinusitis, commonly known as a sinus infection, can be a serious health issue. Make an appointment with one of the most reputable sinus specialists in Las Vegas and find out of you are the right candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. Kwiatkowski is extremely capable and skilled at finding a perfect sinus treatment plan for every patient that comes through his doors

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Minor nasal congestion is quite common and most people suffer from it from time to time. However, it may be serious if it evolves into a condition called chronic sinusitis. This happens when nasal congestion continues for a period of weeks. If you are suffering from this condition, you may want to make an appointment with a sinus specialist. Dr. Terrance Kwiatkwski is a board certified and fellowship trained ENT surgeon, specializing in sinus treatment. His medical office is often referred to as the best sinus clinic in Las Vegas. Most of the time, Dr. Kwiatkowski treats minor sinus issues with saline nasal rinses, analgesics, and decongestants. However, when the patient has chronic sinusitis, antibiotics are prescribed to stop bacterial growth. And if necessary, Dr. Kwiatkowski performs 3 main procedures for sinus treatment: Balloon Sinuplasty, Sinus Surgery, and ClariFix cryotherapy. However, Dr. Kwiatkowski’s treatments are not limited to these three. Dr. Kwiatkowski also performs middle ear surgery, tympanoplasty, and various sinus-related surgical procedures, according to the severity of your problem. If you are looking for a competent sinus doctor in Las Vegas, you can trust Dr. Kwiatkowski. You will obtain the best solutions with our lead sinus specialist.

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Sinus Conditions & Sinus Treatment

A sinus doctor is usually busiest during influenza outbreaks, viral infections, or during the common cold season. This is because sinus infection is caused by swelling of the nasal mucous membrane, thus leading the patient's sinus to clog with mucus. Bacterial, viral, and at times allergic reactions in the body cause soft tissues located within the nose to inflame. This swelling normally presses against the mucus membrane hence obstructing the mucus from leaving the sinuses. It is largely due to this blockage that sinus patients do not only suffer from nasal congestion but also experience other relatable symptoms including tenderness around the nose bridge section, sinus headaches, sinus pressure, sinus pain and fatigue. A well-equipped sinus clinic will offer an extensive variety of treatment options for this condition among them balloon sinuplasty. This procedure entails using an endoscopic tube to widen blockages within the nasal passage. Another common sinus treatment option is aspirin desensitization whereby people who react to aspirin are given bigger doses of the drug gradually to help build their body's intolerance. Other notable treatment options include taking corticosteroids, saline irrigation of the nasal passage, and sometimes, sinus surgery. If you are looking for an experienced ENT professional who specializes in sinus treatment, call our Las Vegas office. Based on his findings, Dr. Kwiatkowski will be happy to present your individual sinus treatment plan.

Sinus Treatment Today
Recent statistics show that annual sinus-related costs amount to $150 million on subscription medication, $1 billion on over the counter drugs, and up to 15 million visits to a sinus clinic in the United States alone. This alarming trend shows that sinus is a major problem for Americans. However, life is too short for you to spend insurmountable amounts of money and time struggling with this condition. Thanks to recent advances in technology, there are multiple sinus treatment options available in Las Vegas that can help you deal with this issue once and for all.

At the top of the list is balloon sinuplasty. During this procedure, a sinus doctor will insert balloon catheters into the nasal cavity and use them to drain the infected nasal sinuses. Although it is fairly new and relatively costly, balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, optimally effective, and is covered by most insurance plans.

Other viable solutions to sinus include the use of corticosteroids, immunotherapy, and as a last result, surgery. Corticosteroids help in alleviating sinus inflammations and other symptoms. These drugs can either be administered orally or by means of nasal sprays. Immunotherapy, on the other hand, is meant for patients whose sinusitis is a result of allergic reactions. These immunity shots prevent the body from reacting adversely to specific allergens, thus minimizing sinusitis symptoms. Lastly, endoscopic sinus surgery is for patients with chronic or highly problematic sinuses. This procedure involves surgically shaving away or removing polyps that bring about nasal blockage. In other cases, doctors simply enlarge sinus openings using an endoscopic tube that is inserted through the nose.

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